Maxwell AnchorMax Winch

Maxwell AnchorMax Winch


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The ANCHORMAX is an extremely versatile vertical capstan or general purpose electric winch for use as an anchor winch, pot hauler or davit winch.

The ANCHORMAX has an extremely high power to weight ratio. The compact, fully sealed gearbox is driven by a vertically mounted, permanent magnet motor. Intrusion below decks is minimised making the design ideal for boats with minimal space requirements. Fitting to the boat is simplicity itself as no dismantling of the winch is required.

The ANCHORMAX gear housing is made of marine-grade alloy and the drum is stainless steel (AISI 316). It is supplied as a single direction (clockwise) unit, complete with deck foot switch, fastenings, template and fitting instructions.

The ANCHORMAX is not recommended for use to haul halyards.

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