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Manufactured using tough, UV resistant PVC, they are attractively finished white with blue ends.

Product CodeTitleColourSize
07512Hutchwilco 12 x 45cmWhite with Blue ends(5"x18")
07515Hutchwilco 15 x 58cmWhite with Blue ends(6"x23")
07518Hutchwilco 18 x 60cmWhite with Blue ends(7"x24")
07521Hutchwilco 21 x 62cmWhite with Blue ends(8"x25")
07524Hutchwilco 24 x 70cmWhite with Blue ends(9½"x28")
07530Hutchwilco 30 x 90cmWhite with Blue ends(12"x35")


Feature solid rope holds for heavy-duty applications.

Product CodeTitleColourSize
07535Mega FenderWhite with Blue ends35 x 110cm
07545Mega FenderWhite with Blue ends45 x 140cm

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