Altex Multi-Purpose Primer

Altex Multi-Purpose Primer


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Altex MultiPurpose Primer is a highly versatile single-pack primer engineered for application on various substrates, both above and below the waterline. It can be confidently used:

  • As a water-resistant and cost-effective primer over suitably prepared steel, lead, wood, and GRP.
  • As a primer for both above and below the waterline applications.
  • As a versatile primer compatible with all single-component systems.
  • To seal single-pack putties effectively.

Altex MultiPurpose Primer can be overcoated with:

  • Altex antifoulings
  • Pettit Vivid® Antifouling
  • Altex Surfacer Undercoat
  • Altex Regatta® Gloss Enamel


  • Versatile single-component primer suitable for most substrates above and below the waterline.
  • Rapid drying time for efficient application.
  • Unique resin and pigment blend offers exceptional protection to suitably prepared steel, wood, and GRP, as well as sanded aged coatings.
  • Provides a comprehensive, multi-coat underwater protective system, requiring only antifouling to complete the job.
  • Suitable for all areas of the hull on both trailer and moored vessels.

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