Altex Primashield 1L

Altex Primashield 1L



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PrimaShield Antifouling Sealer stands out as a swift-drying, versatile primer tailored for below-waterline application, serving to establish superb water resistance and acting as a binding layer for various substrates prior to antifouling application.

This sealer is employed on the following surfaces:

  • Mild steel and Corten steel hulls and keels
  • Timber hulls (previously sealed with Altex Epoxy TimberSealer)
  • Aged exposed epoxy primers/undercoats
  • Exposed fiberglass, gelcoat, or GRP
  • Aged antifoulants – serving as a barrier/sealer coat between unknown or incompatible antifoulings.
  • Other substrates (refer to subsequent page).

Primarily utilized for spot priming of exposed primers and undercoats during maintenance repaints of antifoulings, these targeted applications ensure strong adhesion of the antifouling to aged substrates.


  • Single-pack formulation facilitates quick drying and direct application to steel surfaces.
  • Extended interval for recoating with itself or with all solvent-borne antifoulings.
  • Provides outstanding corrosion protection.
  • Suitable for sealing old antifouling coatings.
  • Offers excellent application properties, making brushing/rolling effortless.
  • Demonstrates exceptional resistance to water immersion.
  • Enhanced with aluminum flake for added reinforcement.
  • Fully compatible primer and sealer for all Altex antifoulings.
  • Serves as an excellent primer and sealer for immersed wooden hulls.

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