Altex Epoxy Barrier Undercoat

Altex Epoxy Barrier Undercoat


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Introducing Epoxy Barrier Undercoat:

Epoxy Barrier Undercoat offers exceptional performance as a sandable epoxy high build coating, renowned for its remarkable resistance to corrosion and water.

Recommended Applications:

  • Final sealing for Topsides & Superstructures, ensuring an optimal surface for finish coating.
  • High build surfacer to eliminate imperfections and achieve a finish suitable for Altex Polyurethane Undercoat or Elite Polyurethane finish coats.
  • Barrier coat for below waterline application in Altex Antifouling systems.
  • Direct application to sanded GRP, epoxy laminated wood, and epoxy sealed wood.
  • Application over Altex Epoxy Primer or Altex High Build Surfacer.
  • Priming/undercoating over degreased and sanded aged polyurethanes, epoxies, fairing systems, gelcoats, epoxy laminates, and fiberglass.


  • Exceptional build properties up to 150µm DFT with a two-pass application.
  • Superior surfacing and sanding capabilities.
  • Excellent corrosion protection and water resistance.
  • Wide maximum self-recoat times for simplified project management.
  • Compatibility with acrylic or polyester urethane finishes, designed specifically as an undercoat or sealer for the Altex Elite® range of polyurethane finish coats.
  • Suitable as a high build surfacer/undercoat for topcoating with Altex Polyurethane Undercoat.
  • Suitable for immersion service as part of Altex's recommended system.

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