ENO STOVES - Open Sea 3 Burner S/S Oven And Grill

ENO STOVES - Open Sea 3 Burner S/S Oven And Grill


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Butane / Propane 28-30  mbar


513 g/h

491 g/h

Safety  device


Pot  holders

2 x Sets




Stainless oven

Stainless oven



Product dimensions (mm)

470h x 515w x 446d

Built-in dimensions (mm)

523h x 530w x 548d





Limited warranty

2 Years

The Fridgetech ENO STOVES - Open Sea 3 Burner S/S Oven And Grill is a premium marine cooking appliance designed to cater to the culinary needs of boat enthusiasts, yacht owners, and professional chefs. Crafted with precision engineering and superior craftsmanship by ENO, a renowned manufacturer of marine stoves and cooking appliances, the Open Sea stove combines functionality, durability, and style to deliver exceptional cooking performance in marine environments. With its three burners, spacious oven, and integrated grill, this stove offers versatility, reliability, and convenience for gourmet cooking and meal preparation at sea.

Key Features:

  1. Three-Burner Cooktop: The Open Sea stove features three high-performance burners, providing ample cooking space and flexibility for preparing multiple dishes simultaneously. The burners are equipped with precise controls for adjusting flame intensity, ensuring optimal heat distribution and cooking results.
  2. Spacious Oven: With a generously sized oven cavity, the Open Sea stove offers versatility for baking, roasting, and reheating a variety of dishes. Adjustable racks and temperature settings allow for precise control over cooking conditions, ensuring consistent and delicious results with every use.
  3. Integrated Grill: The Open Sea stove includes a built-in grill, perfect for outdoor cooking and entertaining. The grill element delivers even heat distribution for perfectly grilled meats, vegetables, and seafood, enhancing onboard dining experiences for guests and crew.
  4. Stainless Steel Construction: Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, the Open Sea stove offers durability, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance, making it suitable for marine environments where exposure to saltwater and harsh conditions is common. The sleek and elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to any galley kitchen.
  5. Safety Features: The Open Sea stove is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure safe and reliable operation onboard. Flame failure protection automatically shuts off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished, while automatic ignition provides hassle-free lighting of the burners and grill.
  6. Compact Design: Despite its robust construction and versatile features, the Open Sea stove boasts a compact and space-saving design, making it suitable for installation in galley kitchens with limited space onboard boats, yachts, or RVs.
  7. Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation and retrofitting in existing galley layouts, the Open Sea stove features standard dimensions that fit most marine kitchen configurations. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are provided for hassle-free setup.

Technical Specifications:

  • Burner Configuration: Three burners with varying heat outputs to accommodate different cooking requirements.
  • Oven Capacity: Spacious oven cavity with adjustable racks to accommodate various cookware and dish sizes.
  • Grill Size: Built-in grill with ample cooking surface for grilling meats, vegetables, and seafood.
  • Material: High-quality stainless steel construction for durability, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance.
  • Dimensions: Compact dimensions suitable for installation in galley kitchens with limited space.
  • Weight: Lightweight design for easy handling and installation onboard boats, yachts, or RVs.


The Fridgetech ENO STOVES - Open Sea 3 Burner S/S Oven And Grill is ideally suited for a wide range of marine and recreational applications, including:

  • Yachts and Motorboats: The Open Sea stove provides gourmet cooking capabilities for luxury yachts and motorboats, allowing owners and guests to enjoy delicious meals and culinary experiences while at sea.
  • Sailboats and Cruisers: Designed to withstand the rigors of offshore sailing, the Open Sea stove offers reliable cooking performance for sailors and cruisers embarking on long-distance voyages.
  • Recreational Vehicles: Whether traveling on the road or camping off-grid, the Open Sea stove provides a convenient and versatile cooking solution for RV enthusiasts seeking to enjoy home-cooked meals and outdoor grilling adventures.


The Fridgetech ENO STOVES - Open Sea 3 Burner S/S Oven And Grill combines elegance, performance, and durability to deliver exceptional cooking experiences onboard boats, yachts, and recreational vehicles. With its versatile features, reliable operation, and compact design, the Open Sea stove offers gourmet cooking capabilities and culinary convenience for discerning chefs and enthusiasts seeking the ultimate onboard dining experience.

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