Seastar Hydraulic Steering Kit - Rated to 350HP

Seastar Hydraulic Steering Kit - Rated to 350HP


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Suitable for single and dual non power assisted outboard engines up to 350hp, Complete with made to length flexiable hoses.

Performance: This pivoting cylinder from SeaStar offers the incredible steering ease and reliability that puts SeaStar cylinders way ahead of the competition. Throughout the steering arc there simply isn't anything that feels better to drive!

(600hp combined hp for counter rotating duals) that have ABYC standard tilt tubes.

Suitable for speeds up to 60MPH, and dual station use.

Simplicity: Will bolt up to virtually any outboard you'd want to put SeaStar hydraulic steering on. Integral bleeders and few components make installation a snap. Less moving parts and improved seals boost durability and reduce maintenance.

Reliability: SeaStar took it' s previous cylinder's outstanding design to the next level, improving seals, bearings, fittings and corrosion protection.


• 20% less effort at hard-over than competitive systems

• Rigid tilt tube mount for no-compromise performance

• Unique pivoting tiller connection allows full engine articulation with independent tilt and trim on twin engines

• Ultra corrosion resistant construction. Painted components are anodised before coating for extra protection

• Small footprint fits virtually all splashwells

• Meets ABYC standards/NMMA requirements

The Seastar Front Mount steering cylinder is available as a seperate component, or to simplify purchasing we offer a single engine basic complete system.

Note: The 291600 steering kit includes the universal Front Mount cylinder that suits most brands of outboards. Some Honda, Yamaha and 77 to 90 Evinrude and Johnson outboards require a special cylinder.

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