Softrider Pedestal with Manual Slider & Swivel

Softrider Pedestal with Manual Slider & Swivel


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The Softrider is the ultimate marine pedestal, From 400mm to 800mm in height. With the assistance of a gas powered cylinder incorporated inside the pedestal, it helps to absorb the harshness of offshore boating. When fitted with a swivel lock or manual slider or powerslider, it incorporates the unique feature of height adjustment. By lifting the Softrider handle up, the pedestal can be raised and lowered by 4" or 100mm to select the height that is just right. When the handle is released, the pedestal is locked in that position, all while still maintaining the Softrider feature. The handle can be set on either the left or right hand side of the pedestal. The specified height of the pedestal includes the swivel/slider.

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