Lightbulb UV Jig-Head Blue

Lightbulb UV Jig-Head Blue


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The Ocean Angler Light Bulb UV Jig Heads are a scientifically-proven and creative new way to attract fish. These jig heads are coated with a thick layer of UV reflective paint that works by reflecting UV rays in water. Plus, they’re highly visible even in low light. Now isn’t that convenient? These are awesome jig heads that fish will find irresistible. Once fish see the light, they’ll follow and… Voila! You’ve caught one, and another, and another!

Ocean Angler Light Bulb UV Jig Heads Features:

  • Highly visible even under low light
  • UV reflective coating
  • Available Colours: Blue, Pink and Green
  • Hook size: 3/0
  • 4 jig heads per pack except for 1oz
  • 1 oz has 3 jig heads per pack

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