Altex Polyurethane Undercoat

Altex Polyurethane Undercoat


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Polyurethane Undercoat is a high performance, sandable undercoat which exhibits a number of significant advantages over existing PUR undercoats.

By combining new technology polyurethane binders, Altex Polyurethane Undercoat features excellent build characteristics & superior water resistance, coupled with low temperature cure & extended pot life. The sanding qualities are second to none.

Polyurethane Undercoat is recommended for:

  • Use above the waterline only
  • Maximised adhesion when transitioning between epoxy undercoats and the selected polyurethane finish coat - in all marine situations
  • Direct application to sanded, aged polyurethane topcoats for “Two step – Two coat” maintenance repaint work
  • Exterior topside & superstructure final sealing to provide a fully recoatable surface for extended periods before sanding & finish coating
  • Application over all AY&B epoxy systems
  • Excellent build tolerance up to 100µm DFT in a two pass application
  • Superior sanding properties
  • Wide maximum over coating times for easy project management

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